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Casa Astarita Bed & Breakfast is a real jewel, located in the very heart of Sorrento. This place took shape from an idea of the Astarita sisters, who, for many generations have been cultivating the art of friendly hospitality and it was created by the fantasy and the good taste for traditions as well as for innovation, of the well-known interior designer, Mr. Marco De Luca. The above-said definitely makes Casa Astarita the ideal solution for those  wishing to match good taste, comfort and warm hospitality. Built in the family palace of the 18th Century, this B&B still bears the atmosphere of the period, in which the house was built: a mixture of elegance and simplicity. It is a prefect combination between antique and modern style, where you can admire family furniture pieces, decorated 18th-Century majolicas, together with the harmonic intertwining of arches and vaults. What is most striking, is the wonderful sensation of feeling at home. Each of the six rooms is at guests’ disposal, has its own name, and differs from the others, due to the distinguishing choice of colours and furnishing style; but they are all finely studied in every smallest detail and supplied with all the comforts, necessary to make your stay unforgettable. Particularly interesting is a share-parlour, where all guests can have free access to a little library, tasting the delicious breakfasts prepared by Mrs. Annamaria (you just cannot miss the home-made cakes and fruit-jams) or maybe sipping the traditional “granma lemon liquor” in front of the fireplace, at night.Casastarita b&b on Facebook
Casa Astarita Casa Astarita
Casa Astarita Casa Astarita
Casa Astarita
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